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Our Services

We provide services 7 days a week; either hourly, 12 hours of service or 24 hours of service.  Below are the most frequently requested services that clients ask Jai Senior Services Concierge to perform. This not a complete list of services we provide.  If you don't see a service you need just ask us.


Residential Care Home and Respite Program

  • Long-term and short-term care
  • Individualized Care
  • Our services give families and caregivers a chance to rejuvenate
  •   Loved one is a comfortable, safe and caring environment.

Transportation and escort to appointments  

  •  Shopping
  •  Wellness Activities, e.g., yoga, walks
  •  Volunteer Work
  •  Meals away from home
  •  Casual outings, e.g., sightseeing, bingo, bowling, fun places
  •  Visiting friends and family
  •  Formal outings, dining engagements, event assistance
  •  Health appointments, e.g., medical, vision, dental, physical therapy, etc.
  •  Personal appointments, e.g., beauty, salon, barber, church, etc.

Caring Companion

  •   Accompaniment to activities and healthcare appointments
  •   Assistance with creating a care plan   
  •   Schedule healthcare appointments
  •   Safe Supervision
  •  Active interaction
  •  Enjoyable socialization: games, puzzles, reading, etc.
  •  Light housekeeping: tidy up client’s common areas, trash/recycle removal
  •  Laundry, change linens
  •  Overnight stay
  •  Friendly reminders: medications, appointments, to do list items, etc.


Respite Care

  •  Respite care is the provision of short-term, temporary relief to those who are caring for family members.
  •  Respite has been shown to help sustain family caregiver health and wellbeing.
  •  The family caregiver can take a “healthy break” from the daily routine of caregiving and receive the “gift of time”.


Nutrition Management 

  •  Meal Planning
  •  Snack Preparation
  •  Wellness Food Shopping
  •  Breakfast Preparation
  •  Lunch Preparation
  •  Dinner Preparation
  •  Meal Set Up and Preparation Assistance
  •  Dietary Restrictions Adherence including Food Allergies
  •  Dining out reservations
  •  Chef prepared meals – meals made based on client’s nutritional and dietary needs


Personal Tasks and Errands 

  •  Banking
  •  Pharmacy/Prescription
  •  Dry Cleaning/Tailor
  •  Personal items shopping
  •  Gifts from mall or specialty store
  •  Video and Games Rental
  •  Item returns and exchanges
  •  Library
  •  Post Office
  •  Grocery shopping with item put away at you home into a freezer, fridge, pantry, cabinets, etc.
  •  Pet Appointments, e.g., grooming, vet, training, etc. – all pets are required to be in pet carriers
  •  Client vehicle maintenance, e.g., oil change, tires, emissions testing, detailing service, vehicle wash, etc.


Home Organization Assistance

  •  Cabinets clean out and restocking
  •  Closets re-organized
  •  Professional moving coordination
  •  Yard/garage sale
  •  Selecting and documenting items for donation to charities
  •  Home safety checkup and organization


Tablet Services/Smart Phone/Computer Services

We now offer educational tutorials for tablet services which can assist our clients with using internet resources.  

  • Utilizing social media  
  • Using the "Face-time" app to speak with their families   
  • Checking banking information  
  • Setting up Doctors appointments  
  • ..and much more


Residential Care Home and Respite Care Program Flyer
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