Jai Senior Services Concierge
Jai Senior Services Concierge 

Individualized Senior Services 

At Jai Senior Services Concierge (JSSC) we understand the personal needs of our seniors. We bring care, assistance and expertise to you, your family and to anyone who needs a helping hand. Our Senior Services Concierge provides all the services that you need and request. If there are special needs then we work with you and your family to create the services based on your needs. Jai Senior Services Concierge provides true concierge experiences to our senior clients.


Consider the following scenario...

When doctors have told your parents that they should no longer drive and they are wondering how they will be able to accomplish shopping for groceries, picking up medications or getting to their doctor’s appointments. This is where JSSC comes in. We will do everything and anything to keep your parents or a loved one safe, comfortable, and loved. We can be the person(s) who clean their home, prepare nutritious meals, remind them to take their vitamins, wash their laundry, change linens, take out the garbage, and all the other tasks they’ll need help with. Whatever they need is what is delivered – lovingly, respectfully and purposefully.

Home Recuperation Services Concierge

Your recuperation after a medical procedure is as important as the treatment you receive. Don’t let your recovery inconvenience family and friends. Let them be there to help and support you while we take care of your everyday tasks. Research has shown that patients who benefit from a positive, stress-free period after surgery recover faster both mentally and physically. With help from Jai Senior Services Concierge your recovery will be easier. Our goal following any debilitating medical treatment is to make you as comfortable as possible. With a personalized concierge plan for recovery we will be there to provide assistance with errand running, grocery shopping, light housekeeping, meal preparation, and more. 


Consider the following scenario....

You already asked a friend to bring you home from the hospital after surgery. Now who is going to stop at the drugstore and pick up the prescription? Did you remember to get the groceries you’ll need over the next few days? - We can.


Residential  Services Concierge

Allow our concierge to take care of your “To Do” list and you’ll discover that you can find that balance between family, work and other life priorities. We understand the value of your time and are dedicated to making your world a little easier.  No matter how ordinary or unusual the request, our experienced staff can be relied upon to find the best solution.

We offer prompt, efficient and ethical service in residential or business environments and are committed to treating every client with the utmost care, respect and discretion. Your absolute satisfaction is guaranteed.


Consider the following scenario...

Have a busy day? Can’t take off work to sign for a delivery or wait for the air conditioning repairman to show up? That’s where we come in – JSSC has what you need .. Time!



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